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In Drupal 8, like Drupal 7, you can enable the file description in the file field setting. But once my file entity is loaded in my preprocess, I don't know how can I get the description value entered for my file. I've tried (without success) :

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In this post I show only the back-end side of creating a slider and don't discuss the front-end side. The main goal here is to show how to programmatically create a slider on Drupal 8. To go about adding a slider, I have the following plan: For a slider, we will use the Slick responsive carousel jQuery plugin.

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Code snippet that can be used to create menu link programmatically in drupal 8. to add menu links juste use MenuLinkContent::create() function where you want. Here an example with custom menu link:

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In this series, we'll go over the new concepts and techniques being introduced in Drupal 8, build a simple Drupal 8 module, and go through the basics of obje...

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A Drupal example module | Sending html mail programmatically in Drupal 8/9, including clean twig html email template with 9 variables.

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Hello guys, In Drupal 8 I am trying to install a theme programmatically. I try to do this via a custom module and my ***.info.yml file looks like: name: Setup site type: module core: 8.x dependencies: - ctools themes: - adminimal_theme But when I install this module, my theme doesn't get installed. Aug 18, 2020 · Explaining the Drupal code 1. hook_mail() in .module file. First of all, to make use of the Drupal's mailing system: you need to implement hook_mail in the .module file: Get global site name -and email. This took a loooooooooooooooooooong time to figure out, but you need to define these headers to make Drupal html mails work.

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