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Desmodur N-75 is a 75 % solids version of Desmodur N-100. Desmodur N-3200 is a low viscosity version ofDesmodur N-100. Like TDI, HDI can be converted to a trimer that contains an isocyanurate...

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即 :Desmodur® N 100 、N 75 、N 3200 、N 3300 、N 3400 、N 3600 及Desmodur® Z 4470 类 脂 肪 族 聚 异 氰 酸 酯 ;Desmodur® L 、HL 和IL 类 芳 香 族 聚 异 氰 酸 酯 ;Desmophen® 670 类 聚 酯 多 元 醇 ;Desmophen ® A 类 聚 丙 烯 酸 酯 。 但 是 须 测 试 所 配 溶 液 的 混 溶 性 。

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Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI biuret) to formulate lightfast two-component polyurethane coating systems.

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Desmodur® N 75 MPA/X is an aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI biuret) used as the hardener component for lightfast polyurethane coating systems.

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Like Desmodur IL 1351 but with improved compatibility. 2,200 Very fast-drying coatings for wood, furniture, metal, plastic and paper with better elasticity than Desmodur IL and better lightfastness 1,100. 550. Elastic wood coatings, e.g. for parquet. 160. Fast-drying parquet coatings. 500 Fast-drying parquet coatings, anti-corrosion coatings ... Fichas de datos de seguridad, PLAGUICIDA ORGANOESTANNICO, LÍQUIDO, INFLAMABLE, TÓXICO

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