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Male judge striking gavel in courtroom, close-up Yellow Dog Productions/Getty Images. As legal costs mount, surpassing $200,000 per month, pressure is building for Harris County officials to ...

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IMAGINE THE SHOCK: EVERY TIME YOU look in the mirror you see your own worst enemy, the man who murdered your son. This is the outlandish predicament that faces FBI antiterrorist agent Sean Archer

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Ant, China’s biggest mobile payments company, reported an operating income of 118.2 billion yuan (13.5 billion pounds) in the nine-months to September, up 42.6% from year earlier, as per the ...

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The girl then eventually becomes afraid to love and beings to dislike the farmer because of his neglectful ways. One night in the Autumn she runs away, only to be pursued and eventually caught. She is locked in the house which prevents her from ever leaving. Despite the isolation, the girl carries on with her life.

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Sign me up for the full-time, I'm yours, I'm yours, woo! [Chorus: Joe Jonas] So, what a man gotta do? ... To be totally locked up by you (Totally locked up by you) The contestants recently came out of the controversial house but are already gearing up to get locked in again with their new show, Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. Both the contestants will be seeking a suitable partner for themselves on the show.

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