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Coco Peat is also known as coir, coco fiber or coir peat. It is made from coconut husks and is a consistent media for long term growing. Coco Peat Bricks have excellent water retention ability and can be used multiple times. A 650g compressed brick expands to 6.5l litres of growing media when 3.25 litres of water is added to it.

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Prococo offers 3 types of premium coconut husk coir. Our coco coir is very low in salt and dust. We guarantee consistent quality on large volumes. We wholesale pallets & containers of 10-lb compressed coir blocks.

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Coco Fiber Brick,Soilless Potting Soil Planting,Coconut Coir Fiber Compost Block,Growing Gardening,Alternative to Soil for Indoor Or Outdoor Use CDN$ 44.99 CDN$ 44 . 99 FREE Shipping

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This tutorial walks you through the process of selecting, preparing and buffering coco coir. We review the options you have for selecting pre-buffered coco coir products or purchasing a dehydrated coco coir brick. Brick coco is far cheaper and easier to ship but it requires that you learn how to buffer coco coir for yourself. My newest medium that i started using is a 2 pound brick coco coir brick. I mix my water with vitamino and only add enough water just to barly hydrate the brick. The coir will look like loose,coffie grounds. Almost dry. Put it in one gallon zip lock bag with cuttings. No mold at all.

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Common bulk substrates [edit | edit source] Manure (horse, cow, elephant, etc.) Coconut coir is the shredded fiber of coconut husks. It holds many times its weight in water but does not decompose for years. It is PH neutral and inexpensive. Hydroponics stores and hardware stores sell it in compressed bales & pet stores sell it in dried bricks ...

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Coco Pith 10 lbs brick. Plantonix Coir 10 lbs block/ compressed coco pith 10 lbs block is our prime selling product. Plantonix coir compressed 10 lbs block can be used in almost any situation like in home gardens growers commercial potting mixes and greenhouses etc. It is most mainly and widely used bulk product and very cost effective.

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