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Feb 28, 2012 · Use below code in embedded matlab function block. It will give the date and time components as separate output.

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Use Flip-Flop blocks (found in the Simulink® Extras Library) to implement a Modulo-4 counter. The model takes the output of a Modulo-4 counter and generates a half clock cycle width pulse on every fourth clock pulses. Effectively, it produces a pulse whenever both outputs of the Modulo-4 counter are equal to 1. Introduced before R2006a

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The Clock block outputs the current simulation time at each simulation step. This block is useful for other blocks that need the simulation time. When you need the current time within a discrete system, use the Digital Clock block.

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I am attempting to simulate a DC motor circuit on Simulink. I have built the block diagram mainly according to a tutorial, and am confused about an aspect of it. The main circuit has a DC power source in series with an "ideal switch" block (triggered by a stair generator), a resistor to limit the inrush current, and the separately excited ...

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The Digital Clock block outputs the simulation time only at the specified sampling interval. At other times, the block holds the output at the previous value. To control the precision of this block, use the Sample time parameter in the block dialog box.

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Sep 28, 2011 · You just need to give inputs from Simulink model and you can observe the output using wavescope as you do in ModelSIM. To summarize, no need to re-implement the logic in MATLAB, it will simply plug your HDL code into Simulink environment using Blackbox, will take inputs from Simulink and will display the results in simulink environment.

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