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Nov 16, 2020 · Each Rook Ceph cluster has some built in metrics collectors/exporters for monitoring with Prometheus. If you do not have Prometheus running, follow the steps below to enable monitoring of Rook. If your cluster already contains a Prometheus instance, it will automatically discover Rooks scrape endpoint using the standard and ...

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A quick guide for installing Ceph on a single node for demo purposes. It almost goes without saying that this is for tire-kickers who just want to test out the software. Ceph is a powerful distributed storage platform with a focus on spreading the failure domain across disks, servers, racks, pods, and datacenters.

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We installed Ceph v12.2.0 on Pulpos in late Auguest. We created a Ceph Filesystem (CephFS), using 3 RADOS pools: an Erasure Code data pool on the OSDs backed by HDDs.

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Ceph offers several ways to retrieve status information for the cluster. The catchiest command is The ceph health detail command helps you do so. If you have a HEALTH_OK state, you will not see any...

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Settings icon -> Storage -> New -> Vendor:device -> CEPH : Ceph Configure hostnames/IPs If you are using a load balancer translating hostname to an active manager node, then you can fill in only the load balanced hostname. Otherwise, fill in IP addresses/hostnames of all CEPH manager nodes which can host the Prometheus module. With ceph-deploy, adding and removing monitors is a simple task. You just add or remove one or more monitors on the command line with one command. Before ceph-deploy, the process of adding and removing monitors involved numerous manual steps. Using ceph-deploy imposes a restriction: you may only install one monitor per host.

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