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Sitting upright - keeping cartoony and all… this parrot's going to have a rather funny posture/stance going on. Note how the green lines indicate the beak in the front — and the tail curving away at the back. Now to the drawing!… Second Step - Draw the Head of Your Cartoon Parrot. OK - let's draw.

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Basically, the bird drawings are meant for walls and other decorations. You can use them in your office or even at home. A dove, perfectly designed, will be ideal to make the drawing room of yours beautiful, especially while you place them at the back of sofa. However, you can use them for temporary usages at your colleges.

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This very humorous cartoon, released by Disney in 1938, has Mickey and Pluto thinking they are tracking the escaped criminal "Machine Gun Butch" through the house while all the time it is a wandering parrot. Have fun watching! Tweety Bird. Tweety, an adorable yellow canary, is one of the best loved and best known cartoon birds of all times.

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This combination of imagery causes the bird to appear quite refined, dignified, and sophisticated. All of these bird drawings were entirely drawn by hand on Strathmore paper using Prismacolor colored pencils. They are quite small - 6 x 6 inches (15.24 cm x 15.24cm).

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Drawings by RaStudio 3 / 527 parrot Clipart by brux 2 / 261 Big collection of birds Clip Art by Perysty 11 / 2,025 Cute parrot pirate cartoon Stock Illustration by Tigatelu 5 / 841 Set of parrot silhouette icons in flat style Drawing by elein 2 / 79 A cheerful parrot Clip Art by colematt 6 / 399 Parrot, black silhouette Clipart by alexcoolok 10 ...

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