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I have a very high pitch noise coming from inside the dashboard area in my 2012 328i. It's intermittent. At first it happened every three days or so and after taking it in to the dealer it happens every 10 days. They said that some BMWs were having this problem and it was coming from the AC valve.

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BMW N20 engine deteriorates itself by a faulty timing chain system setup. BMW has extended the limited warranty to 7 years 70K miles, but that is simply just not enough. My car, a 2015 428I, has symptoms of of the timing chain falling apart. Knocking sound, and very loud high pitch wine when driving.

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Just purchased an 08 328i vert and experienced the infamous "buffeting" noise at hwy speeds. Dealership contends this is due to slightly bent passenger side rims and RFT's that are splitting and need to be replaced.

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After a short while (could be when the Turbo kicks in, I am not sure), the whine starts, high pitched and the more I accelerate, the louder it gets. It is the same in all gears. It varies with acceleration not speed, i.e. going downhill fast, no noise, accelerate uphill and its deafening.

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BMW F30 328i N20 2. 58 – $952. 80 7 Bearing screw 1 11317676592 $4. 85. Timing chain failure is a main cause of engine destruction affecting throughout the BMW brand. Just search for timing chain. The average cost for a BMW 328i xDrive timing chain tensioner replacement is between $731 and $883. Car: 2010 328I E90 Problem: Drove to work no problems. Turned the car off, it sat about five minutes, turned the car back on and I got this high pitch noise coming from the engine compartment. Then the service engine light came on, and then the idle got real bad to where the whole car shakes and it sounds like it wants to cut out. Video:

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