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Крупнокалиберная снайперская винтовка Barrett M82 была разработана отставным офицером Ронни ...

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Компания Barrett Firearms получила очередной крупный армейский контракт. Согласно заявлению Barrett Firearms Mfg. Inc., с компанией заключён контракт в сумме $ 7 900 000 на поставку крупнокалиберных снайперских винтовок 50-го калибра M107A1 в армию США в...

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Oct 01, 2015 · The M82 is a recoil operated semi-auto .50 BMG caliber rifle. The M107 is the M82 as adopted for service with the US Army, which, for reasons best known to itself, likes to rename things it buys.

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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing: Розроблено 1980 Виробник Barrett Firearms Manufacturing: Виготовлено 1982-досі Вартість $8,900 Варіанти M82A1, M82A1A, M82A1M, M82A2, M82A3, M107, M107A1, M107CQ Характеристики Маса: M82A1: 13,5 кг (20" ствол) 14,0 кг (29" ствол ... Barrett Firearms Online Storefront :: The world leader in large-caliber rifle design & manufacturing.

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Snake can also purchase a Barrett M82A2, a bullpup version of the famous M82A1 anti-materiel rifle that can take down just about anything. It can kill five to ten lined-up enemies in one shot, it can take down a helicopter in two, and kill Gekko in one, so long as you aim for the neck.

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М82 (Model 82) или М107 (неофициальное прозвище — «Light fifty») — крупнокалиберная снайперская винтовка, выпускаемая компанией «Barrett Firearms». U.S. military nickname "Light 50" (Light Fifty) M2 Browning machine gun because of its use of large diameter 12.7 × 99 NATO (.50 BMG, 12.7 millimeters) ammunition, this gun has two derived type - the original M82A1 (A3) and care-free design in order to carry the M82A2, then the XM500 also inherited the spirit of its design, the use of non-care design, with its long range and high precision ...

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