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The Honey Badger is manufactured and sold as a pistol with a brace. The problems started when ATF decided that the Honey Badger brace was not a brace, but rather a stock. A stock apparently turns a pistol in to a rifle. Rifles can't have barrels shorter than 16" unless you pay a tax.

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Pistol Stabilizing Brace Decision Clarified by ATF April 26, 2017 by Travis Pike Leave a Comment Breaking news from SB Tactical, according to SB tactical they received a letter from the ATF reversing their previous decision on shouldering stabilizing braces of any kind.

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Oct 29, 2020 · The problem is in our own community…The Pistol Brace was designed to help a handicapped shooter shoot 1 handed….But the ATF opened a small door and we drove a truck through it. Then we started posting videos of a bunch of us shouldering the pistol brace and the outcome was predictable….We need to say and video less…Social media is going ...

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There was info going around the gun industry today about the ATF moving ahead with their attack on pistol braces. Apparently, they will be posting an open letter "For comment" re their new stance on brace equipped firearms. They propose to NFA register pistol braced weapons as an "Other" for... May 19, 2016 · ATF has approved SB Tactical’s new brace design. “We are very excited with the ATF’s approval of our new adjustable Pistol Stabilizing Brace design, and understand the overwhelmingly positive implications of the decision,” said Jeff Creamer, Vice President [Read More…

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The ATF has suddenly and unexpectedly backed off on its efforts to force owners of pistol braces to register their firearms equipped with them under the NFA. "Upon further consultation with the Department of Justice and the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, ATF is withdrawing, pending further DOJ review, the notice and request for comments entitled, "Objective Factors for Classifying ...

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The ATF/ DOJ posted a new rule making notice for comment on Dec 18th. The public comment period extends for only 14 days from when the notice was posted. The notice has the potential to impact anyone owning a pistol equipped with a stabilizing brace. Here is a link to the notice:Oct 07, 2020 · The one thing I see is that it is an attack on the brace. Not really on the AR pistol What may end up happening is people just go back to the wrap or tape and drop the brace. Also if ATF stands with the fact the Honey Badger is a SBR as built, you would need to form 4 it and can not form 1. It is already a SBR you are not makeing it.

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