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Outdoor unit won't come on, Outdoor unit not running: This is a very common problem, whether it's an air conditioner or a heat pump. And there are many things that can prevent the outdoor unit from starting, some of which can be quite serious.

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If you notice water around the furnace, the condensate drain may be clogged with slime. Fix the problem with chemical tablets and a larger drain hose. Shove the tablets into the drain pan opening and push them in farther using a dowel or long screwdriver. Add new tablets monthly during air ...

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Armstrong G1N80 Won't Ignite, Help? - HVAC - DIY - Went to start my furnace this year and it won't fire up. It's a model G1N80BU(075D12A-1A), 80% Gas-Fired furnace. Armstrong G1N80 won't ignite, Help? Bump. Armstrong Air Ultra V 80: Clean Flame Sensor - YouTube - Jan 21, 2013 Armstrong Air Ultra V 80 Furnace: Clean Flame Sensor.

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When a furnace is too big, it can short cycle – start, heat up air very quickly that reaches the thermostat, and then shut down. Compare this to driving a car. A properly sized furnace is like driving along steadily at 60 MPH. Ductwork: If your ductwork and furnace size don’t match up, it could cause problems. For instance, if your ductwork isn’t big enough for your furnace, this will shorten the furnace’s lifespan because the air the furnace produces won’t have enough space to travel through.

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Mar 24, 2015 · How To Fix a Furnace that Won't Start - Bonfe's bonfesplumbingHVAC. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 114 114. Loading Loading Heater / Furnace Failure / It won't Stay On.MP4 - Duration: 12:41.

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Near the bottom of your furnace is a switch that normally says "Pilot," "On" and "Off." Find this switch and turn it to the "Off" position. Wait at least five minutes. This is important because it gives the gas time to dissipate, which is necessary to avoid possibly starting a fire.

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