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概要 Ansibleによるsshを使用しないローカル実行には、以下の2つの指定が必要。 接続方法: local 宛先: localhost インベントリーが空でなければ必須では無い それらは、以下などで指定可能。...

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Local_action statement is used in ansible when we are going to create a directory on the local machine as well as remote machine simultaneously .Directoy is created on the local machine before creating the remote maching when we execute the playbook.---

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In order for Ansible to manage your windows machines, you will have to enable and configure PowerShell remoting. Fortunately, there is a quick way to do that. In your Windows machine, open a...

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Ansible is capable to put new files (corresponding to new version) and restart services )) The idea of configuring VM from scratch works nice as if it is blue-green deploy. It helps to keep services running without interruption by avoiding damage / partial working states to old infra.

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Type: ansible-local The ansible-local Packer provisioner will run ansible in ansible's "local" mode on the remote/guest VM using Playbook and Role files that exist on the guest VM. This means ansible must be installed on the remote/guest VM. Playbooks and Roles can be uploaded from your build machine (the one running Packer) to the vm.

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Nov 12, 2020 · By default, Ansible uses the same user ID on the remote host as the user that runs the Ansible playbook. I use it here simply for informational purposes. I run most playbooks as root on the localhost, so Ansible logs in to the remote host as root.

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