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Dodge Cummins 5.9 parts or Cummins 6.7 parts to increase the performance, fuel economy, ride quality, or even just fix a broken part! We offer a vast assortment of performance upgrades, original equipment replacement components, suspension systems, recovery equipment, lighting, get the point, we carry a LOT of Cummins parts for your truck.

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Red fluid under your car indicates a transmission fluid leak. Here are 6 reasons why your car is leaking transmission fluid and what the repair cost will be.. If you notice a small puddle of red fluid underneath your vehicle, this is not a good sign and indicates a transmission fluid leak.

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Summary: Transmission Upshifting too Fast; Only with Allison Gen 4 LCT (1000 and 2000 series) Transmission Communication Number: IK1300014, Date: 2014-04-28 Category: 100000 POWER TRAIN Summary: Allison Transmission Not Pre-selecting with Engine/Exhaust Brake; Only with Allison Transmission Communication Number: IK1300018, Date: 2014-04-28

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R.P.Muise 1994 Breakaway/Cummins 5.9/Allison transmission/Spartan Chassis Posts: 665 | Location: Hampden, Massachusetts | Member Since: 10-13-2005 IP

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Large 5/8-inch ports prevents inlet/outlet restriction and furnace brazed rails have been tested to 300psi of pressure. The thermostatically controlled 80-watt, 10-inch, 800 CFM electric fan offers ultimate automatic oil temperature control.

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ABS and transmission problems linked? P0327 after new sensors installed; Truck going fine at 70 dies and wont restart; Allison 1000 use dex VI TSB? Gauges 02 chevy silverado 4.8; 2009 Silverado 1500 4 X 4 LT 4.8L Transmission issue? Blue Driver Scan tool; 2009 chevy silverado air bag light; 2000 4l60e swap 99 old body style chevy 1500

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