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A large mass, which moves without rotation (e.g. a car moving along a straight line) 2. A single particle which is attached to a rigid frame with negligible mass (e.g. a person on a bicycle) In these cases it may be necessary to consider the moments acting on the mass (or frame) in order to calculate unknown reaction forces. 1.

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When a particle is moving along a straight line, then its motion is a rectilinear motion. Parameters of rectilinear motion or translatory motion or plane motion. Time. Time is a scalar quantity and its SI unit is second(s) At a particular instant of time, a physical object can be present at one location only ; Time can never decrease.

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12.12-8: A particle is moving along a straight line such that its position i... 12.12-9: The acceleration of a particle as it moves along a straight line is... 12.12-10: A particle moves along a straight line with an acceleration of a = ... 12.12-11: A particle travels along a straight-line path such that in 4 s it m...

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The simplest form of the particle in a box model considers a one-dimensional system. Here, the particle may only move backwards and forwards along a straight line with impenetrable barriers at either end. The walls of a one-dimensional box may be visualised as regions of space with an infinitely large potential energy. Straight-line motion: connecting position, velocity, and acceleration. Given the velocity-time graph of a linear motion, we can interpret whether the moving object moves forward or backward (or right - [Instructor] An object is moving along a line. The following graph gives the object's velocity over time.

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12-23. A particle is moving along a straight line such that its acceleration is defined as a = (-2v) m/s2, where v is in meters per second. If v = 20 m/s when s = 0 and t = 0, determine the particle's position, velocity, and acceleration as functions of time. *12-24. A particle starts from rest and travels along a straight line with an acceleration a = (30 - 0.2v) ft/S2, where v is in ft/s. Determine the time when the velocity of the particle is v = 30 ft/s.

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Oct 23, 2018 · The position of the object can be specified with reference to a conveniently chosen origin. For motion in a straight line, position to the right of the origin is taken as positive and to the left as negative. 2. Path length is defined as the total length of the path traversed by an object. 3. Displacement is the change in position: . Path length is greater or equal to the magnitude of the displacement between the two points. the displacement x of a particle at time t moving along a straight line path is given by x²= at²+ 2bt + c,where a,b and c are constants. the acceleration of the particle varies as 2

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